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R/C Helicopter Flying Inverted

Why FPV?

For most of my life, I have been interested in and involved with some form of flight. At an early age, I was introduced to the Remote Control Aircraft hobby and have been hooked ever since. My experience in R/C and Photography led me to drones, although I fought it for some time. At the time when camera and drone technology really started evolving, I was already heavily involved with flying 3D helicopters and did not want to mix the two worlds together...

little did I know how well those worlds would pair. Join me on my latest adventure! 

Siccario FPV Drone

Custom Building

I grew up building and flying R/C aircraft, but it wasn't until I started flying R/C helicopters that I started understanding how to customize my builds. As I started getting better at flying and putting my airframes through their paces(with many crashes), I started building my helicopters part by part, upgrade by upgrade and developed a liking for the building process. Everything from flying to building transferred directly over to the FPV drone hobby. All of my FPV drones are custom-built by me for all types of flying and shooting scenarios.

My Vision

With my experience in Photography and on the sticks, I want to bring FPV and FPV drone platforms and video creation to my local area and further. Always flying. Always learning. Always Flight Ready. 

DJI FPV Goggles V2
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