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Transport Canada Advanced Flight Reviews

Are you or your company in need of obtaining their Advanced RPAS Flight Review? A MAAC Member with a flying field in Controlled Airspace?

Here at Flight Ready Media,  I have you covered!

Advanced Flight Reviews

I am an experienced and certified flight reviewer for Transport Canada through The RPAS Centre of Canada. We are the most experienced, knowledgeable, and professional affiliate flight reviewers available across Canada. I'm also a MAAC Flight Reviewer, which means I have been grandfathered into the program (long time member) and am permitted to run reviews for MAAC Members.


How To Book our Flight Review

Once you have passed the Advanced - small RPAS Exam with a score of 80% or higher, follow the steps below to secure your booking:

1. Click this link to be directed to the RPAS WILCO portal:


2.Click on PETROLIA (4041 Charlie St.)

3. Click "Sign Up" to register for an RPAS WILCO Account. This App will come in handy for your review, as well as for future operations for planning site surveys.

4. Follow the steps to select a date and time to finish your booking.

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